The Maserati Granturismo is without doubts one of the most beautiful GT cars of the last 10 years. A timeless classic design by Pininfarina, it was turned in a GT3 racing car by Swiss Team, who was given permission by Maserati following previous successful collaborations. Swiss Team, lead by Guido Bonfiglio, started the development in late 2011.Despite a very promising start, which led to a maiden victory in Vallelunga, the Maserati Granturismo GT3 project did not enjoy a long career. The model (CA43a) is based upon the “Tridente Motors” n.74 car, that raced at the ‘Salita del Costo‘ hillclimb in 2017. It comes from a totally new mould, assembled in Sidewinder configuration with 17.3mm rims and 23k “ V12” motor.



The 911 GT1 EVO 98 was the car created by Porsche to compete in the GT1 category in 1998, at the Le Mans 24 Hours and in the FIA GT international championship. At the beginning, the GT1 were Grand Touring cars modified for the competitions, but in the last years they got more and more similar to racing prototypes. Porsche had already run in GT1 the years before, but the ‘98 car was a brand new model. This was the first car built by Porsche with a carbon composite monocoque chassis. Front and rear suspensions double wishbones with pushrod. Wheels diameter 18 inches; carbon brake discs, calipers wi th 8 pistons at front and with 6 pistons at rear axle. Six-cylinder flat engine, 3.2 litres twin turbo, 4 valves per cylinder, water-cooled, maximum torque 630 Nm at 5000 rpm, maximum power 550 hp at 7200 rpm. Six-speed gearbox with sequential change, trip le disc carbon fibre clutch. Fuel tank capacity 100 litres.
In 1998, the FIA GT championship was dominated by Mercedes, but Porsche was able to win the Le Mans 24 Hours. In the race at Silverstone, Alexander Grau and Andreas Scheld ran the car number 5 o f the German team Zakspeed Racing.

New Sauber C9 – CA06i

New Sauber C9 - CA06i

The Sauber Mercedes C9 was a Group C race car, built by Sauber in partnership with Mercedes-Benz. Chassis was mainly an aluminium monocoque, with magnesium elements and carbon-fibre skins. It had double wishbone suspensions, with direct-action at front and rocker-arm at rear, as well as Speedline magnesium rims, 17” front and 19” rear, and Brembo cast-iron 14” disc brakes. In 1988, the car was powered the ‘M117’ engine, a twin turbo, 5 litres, V8, with semi-stressed function, which used the 500SL passenger car crankcase. The two valves per cylinder were controlled by a single over head camshaft, with chain drive. In qualifying specifications, the boost pressure was 1.2 bar, and power was 800 bhp at 7000 rpm. Torque had a very flat band from 3000 to 8000 rpm, which gave the Sauber C9 a great advantage in exiting corners. Overall weight was 865 kg. 
Mike Thackwell was fast, talented, young, but eventually “moved away from the highest level of motor sports”, as recently written in one of the very few interviews released. He drove the Sauber Mercedes C9 in 1987 at the Norisring “ADAC Würth Supercup” event.

New Mercedes 190E – ca44b

New Mercedes 190E - ca44b

The Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II made a triumphant debut, winning all the first three places, in 1992, in the very popular German tourism championship “DTM” – Deutsche TourenWagen Meisterschaft. The car was developed by AMG starting from a “road” car base, and was built in about 500 units as required by the regulation. Compared to the EVO version the power was increased by 40 Hp. Engine hood, boot lid and spoiler were made of special plastic material. The Evo II raceing debut took place in the northern ring of the Nürburgring in the DTM race on the 16th of June 1990. In the final championship race, on the Hockenheim track, a new car was supplied to all teams. This model reproduces the car with which Jörg van Ommen ran in 1992 at Zolder.

New Nissan R89C – CA28f

New Nissan R89C - CA28f

For the 1989 season, rather than relying again on chassis built by March, Nissan had developed the R89C model in conjunction with Lola. The car featured a kevlar and carbon-fibre based monocoque chassis fitted with Nissan’s new twin-turbo VRH35 3.5L V8 DOHC engine which was mounted in a stressed installation for better chassis rigidity, delivering up to 950bhp. Despite Nissan’s efforts, the 1989 World Sportscar Championship season was rather unsuccessful for Nissan, as their cars lacked reliability and speed. The beautiful R89C was only able to score points in three races and finished the season in fifth place in the championship for teams.

The new Anglewinders!

The new Anglewinders!

The new Angle Winders!

We’re happy to introduce the new Anglewinder motor mounts ready for ball bearing! Tested extensively during the gruelling 24 Hours of Henley, these motor mounts are compatible with CH105 flanged bearings – the recommended choice.

Anglewinder Boxer/Flat motor mount 0,0mm offset
EVO6 – HARD – bearing version
Anglewinder Boxer/Flat motor mount 0,5mm offset
EVO6 – HARD – bearing version
Anglewinder Boxer/Flat motor mount 1,0mm offset
EVO6 – HARD – bearing version

New Opel Calibra V6

New Opel Calibra V6

Fourth and beautiful livery for one of the best performing cars of this category. At the same time, the awaited CS36b body kit will be finally available.

Quarta e bellissima livrea per una delle macchine più performanti della categoria. Contemporaneamente, in uscita con questa livrea, l’attesisimo ricambio body kit CS36b.

CW22 – DTM Limited Edition

CW22 - DTM Limited Edition

CW22 – Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI – #7 Winner DTM 1993 – DTM Limited Edition

A truly unique collector’s item: the first model of “The Professor’s cars” collection. The drawing found inside the Alfa Romeo DTM World Champion 1994 box set was created, especially for the occasion, by ‘il Prof’, whose real name is Claudio Biacchi, excellent slot racer, sensitive artist and dear friend. A truly unique artwork. We will not stop there. After the Alfa Romeo, the Professor will surprise you again. Start collecting his work today!

Un oggetto veramente unico: la prima ‘Auto del Prof.’ Un grande artista, un grande appassionato, un grande amico: Claudio Biacchi ha dipinto per noi la pagina interna del cofanetto Alfa 155. Anche i prossimi cofanetti CW ospiteranno i dipinti, realizzati ad hoc, dal Prof. Biacchi. Macchine che… vi stupiranno. Una piccola collezione d’arte viaggiante. Primo cofanetto edizione limitata vincitrice campionato DTM, per celebrare la vittoria della casa Italiana nel 1993, al debutto nella categoria. La macchina appartiene alla famiglia CA35 delle auto

New Mercedes 190e

New Mercedes 190e

CA44a – Mercedes 190e – #18 1st Zolder DTM 1992

A new, long awaited competitor for Calibra and 155 is coming to your favorite store! DTM Classic category grows with a new, amazing model for your personal collection. White kits and spare parts such as chassis, transparent and tearproof parts will be available as well.

Una nuova antagonista per Calibra e 155 sta per arrivare nel vostro negozio di fiducia! La categoria Classic DTM cresce con un nuovo, bellissimo modello per la vostra collezione personale. Con il nuovo modello saranno disponibili i kit bianchi e le parti di ricambio come telaio, trasparenti e parti carrozzeria a ricambio.